Can drivers from the EU buy one day car insurance?

Drivers with EU licences can drive in the UK without having to exchange their licences until 70 years of age. Since many hundreds of thousands of people from every part of the EU visit the UK every year for varying lengths of time, short term insurance policies have been developed which allow people to drive legally in the UK for periods between 1 and 28 days.

What are these policies suitable for?

These policies provide cover for a variety of reasons - some of the most common are as follows:

•Allow people to insure a car they own or a vehicle they plan to borrow from someone.
•Perhaps you have just bought a vehicle and need insurance cover to drive away.
•Perhaps you want to lend your car to someone with an EU licence and your own insurer won't allow them to be added to your policy, or it could be too expensive to insure them in that way.
•Maybe you would like to share driving with a friend from the EU who is visiting and require insurance to make that possible.
Whatever the reason, short-term or one-day car insurance with an EU licence is not a problem.

What level of cover do I get?

All policies are quoted with fully comprehensive UK cover. This is the highest level of motor insurance cover available in the UK and provides the best levels of protection both for the owner of the vehicle being insured and for any third party risks that result from any accident. Of course, we hope such an accident never happens, but it's important to be covered just in case. These policies come with a lot of additional benefits, including:

•You can get a quote in under a minute
•Immediate cover can be arranged when needed
•Third party cover for driving in the rest of the EU is also included
•Breakdown assistance cover can also be arranged just to be doubly safe
•UK or EU licences are acceptable
•Many of the most popular car's in the UK are accepted
•Premiums are extremely competitive considering the level of cover on offer
•No Claims Discount can be protected for certain drivers •Policies can be bought instantly online.

Who is eligible for a one day policy?

•The driver must be aged between 19 and 75 years of age
•The driver must have held a full UK or EU licence for more than one year
•The car must be first registered, and kept, in the UK
•It must be on the insurer's approved list (most modern cars are)
•It must be unmodified and match the original manufacturer's specifications •Journeys must begin, and end, in the UK •Other reasonable terms and conditions will apply - see the insurer's documentation

If you, and the car you wish to insure, fit the criteria you are welcome to apply and see just how competitively priced these policies are.